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Greetings! Welcome to the Pixel Overload Premium Font Pack!

These are the fancy-smancy fonts, for all you font lovers out there.

All these fonts are vector, so they can be scaled up or down. You can also choose whatever colour you want as they are .otf files. Some fonts were specifically created with colour, so those fonts will only show colour in programs that support colour fonts (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop).

All the source files for all fonts are included, just in case you want to make edits. Feel free to mess around with them as much as you want.

I ask that you pay for this pack as I have spent quite some time creating it. I hope it's priced fair enough and no one thinks I'm ripping them off. 

If you're working on a game with multiple other people, only buy it once. The same goes for if you want to give some fonts to a friend. No need to pay twice. I only ask that you don't upload the entire pack to the Interwebs for everyone to use.

Ok enough of the boring stuff, let's look at some fonts!

  • First: Baskic8 Bold. Yeah that's right. Bold! This font might be my favourite for body text use.

  • Then we have Chonk, Chonk Flipped and Chonk Flipped tight. These fonts are 3D and are great for titles, but not so much body text.

  • Genrik7 is a 7-pixel tall font with a very generic style. Quite similar to Baskic8.

  • Genrik7, but Bold!

  • And now we have Jonkle, a very interesting font for old fashioned applications. This was the first time I experimented with ligatures, so some letters will connect up nicely. This font is probably the most likely to have kerning and spacing issues, so let me know if you encounter some.

  • Long for the good old days of Pacman and Mario? Well now you can relive your childhood in this nostalgic font.

  • The font you've all (probably not) been waiting for! Metalic. Yes, I know Metallic is the correct way to spell it. I thought someone had probably already made a font named 'Metallic". 

  • Metalic Grey.

  • Metalic Green.

  • Metalic Black.

  • So we've seen Bold, but can we go BOLDER? Meet Ordin, a font with three levels of boldness. Regular, Bold and Black. They will register as styles in your programs.

  • And now we have a very obscure font that some will appreciate, and less will actually use. Petroloid is a steampunk inspired font, which can be both colour and monochrome.

  • Yep. The Pixel Overload font. Now you can steal my identity and become Pixel Overload. Pretty sweet, right?

  • What!? The Pixel Overload font but it's Bold!?

  • Cringe name aside, this font could be useful in some contexts. Either way I'm throwing it in whether you like it or not. Say hello to Skullor, the edgiest of fonts.

  • Skullor Cullor

  • Oh yes. It's time for Spacerunner.

  • Don't worry Sci-fi nerds, I didn't leave you out. Here's a funky alien/futuristic font. Go ham. Btw, the 'g' is pronounced with a 'j' sound.

  • Ok ok I hear you. You want Wongdongs in colour. Well isn't it your lucky day.

And that's it. Glad we saved the most important one for last.

Thanks so much for checking out my page! If you want to download these fonts, simply download the zip folder, click on the font file and hit install. Now the font will be in all your programs of choice (including MS Paint for those MS Paint fans).

Let me know if everything goes to plan. If you find some kerning or spacing errors, leave a comment because that would be frustrating and no one wants kerning errors. Once I have enough changes I might upload an updated .zip file. No extra charge.

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