A downloadable asset pack

The rocks are separated into two biomes: Desert and Forest. The Desert includes brown rocks and various tiles. The Forest includes plain grey rocks, mossy rocks, and some grass/dirt tiles. All of the images are compatible, and should line up when used together.

In each of the tile-maps, there are some rock tiles to place on top of ground tiles, some ground tiles to be used for building up terrain, and some floating platform pieces to create platforms of different sizes. Finally, there are some spikes just in case you need them.


Desert Rocks 218 kB
Grey Rocks 205 kB
Mossy Rocks 230 kB
Dirt and Grass 239 kB
Master Forest Map 257 kB


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This rocks!

This sucks bad. It is scaled to oblivion. Please fix

What license does it use?

It's free for commercial and personal use, no attributes needed!