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Hello, hello! Welcome to the Pixel Overload Basic Font Pack!

Here I'm giving away three of my custom made fonts, free to use however you like. If you want to use them for your resume, we got you. If you want all your essays to be unreadable, we got you too.

All these fonts are vector, so they can be scaled up or down. You can also choose whatever colour you want as they are .otf files.

  • First up: Essentle4. This 4-pixel tall font is great for many applications, and has a fairly generic style.

  • Next is Baskic8, a little taller, and a little easier to read. This font is perfect if you want your pixel art typography to still be fairly normal. In the Premium Pack, I'm giving away a bold version, which is part of the same font family (if you Ctrl + B the font in MS Word, the regular version of the font will be replaced with the bold version).

  • And finally we have Wongdongs, not to be confused with Webdings. A pretty silly font for sure, but it can have its rare applications. If you're after some retro icons, simply type the associated letter and you'll have a vector icon in whatever program you need. A colour/rendered version of this font is available in the Premium Pack.

Thanks so much for checking out my page! If you want to download these fonts, simply download the zip folder, click on the font file and hit install. Now the font will be in all your programs of choice (including MS Paint for those MS Paint fans).

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Install instructions

Step 1: Download Zip

Step 2: Extract Files from Zip

Step 3: Double click on font file

Step 4: Click "Install"


PixelOverload_FontsBasicPack.zip 85 kB


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Nice font, I love your videos, I'm learning many things about pixel art and art in general. Thank you!


They are beautiful! sadly I can't buy the premium but imagine how they look!!