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Hey! Welcome to the Pixel Overload Rocks Pack! In here you will find 355 unique rocks, hand-drawn by me. You will also find another 355 mossy rock variations.

These rocks can go in your platformers, games, art and more. You can even stick a bunch of them together to make a big rock golem! The world is your oyster (or rock?).

Commercial use/creative license? Once you buy the pack it's all yours. Sell artworks or a game with the rocks in them, modify the rocks, build a house out of rocks. Do whatever you want with them, no licensing required. I only ask that you don't redistribute the entire pack as it is.

32x32 Boulders - (80 rocks)

These will work with your 32x tile-maps as they are contained within a 32x grid.

32x16 Flat Rocks - (30 rocks)

These will work with both 32x and 16x tile-maps. The flat shape can give you some variation in your environments.

16x32 Spikes - (20 rocks)

Don't fall on these ones!

16x16 Rocks - (120 rocks)

I made so many of this type because 16x tiles really seems to be the most common size. 

8x8 Pebbles - (80 rocks)

Some little 8x ones. You can combine these ones with the 16x for some variation. They go quite well together.

48x32 Rock Clusters - (25 rocks)

Ready-made clusters to drop straight into your environments.

If you want to change the colours, use the 'Paint all pixels of the same colour' tool or turn off 'contiguous' in the bucket tool for Aseprite users.

If you want to paint your own custom moss, open the 'Draw your own Moss!' Aesprite file and use the eraser tool on the top layer.

I hope you find these assets useful for your projects!


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AuthorPixel Overload
Tagsassets, boulder, Isometric, pixel, Pixel Art, rocks, stone


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Rock solid bundle :)


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